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Here at IT Synergy we are very serious about the quality of our work. So much so, that we would rather loose a customer to the competition than compromise the technical soundness of our solutions. No corners are cut, no quarter is given in our pursuit of excellence. Vendors' Best Practices is our Rule of Law. Our solutions are field-tested and proven, transcend the technical hype and are tailor-made to fit our customers' specific business needs.

Technical Excellence

Attention to Detail

Business Focus

Oracle Infrastructure Solutions

From simple database stream-lining, to multinode RAC clusters, to the Exadata Database Machine, Oracle is at the very core of IT Synergy's services offering and technical expertise. Our certified architects and engineers design and implement turnkey projects, deliver consultancy and 24-hour business critical support of core systems & databases, for some of the largest enterprises in Greece.

VMWare Infrastructure Solutions

IT Synergy's very first undertaking was a physical-to-virtual infrastruc- ture transition that involved ESX Server 2.5.1. Ever since, 1 out of every 3 projects we deliver revolves around VMWare virtual-ization. Our team of certified engineers has extensive experi- ence in deep integration with Storage and Networking Vendors, delivering enterprise-class perfor- mance and availability that takes full advantage of the world's #1 Virtualization solution potential.

Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions

IT Synergy is a Microsoft Certified Midmarket Solution Provider Partner, with over 100 highly successful installations under our belt. Our team of Microsoft Certified Engineers boasts over 40 years of combined field experi- ence and holds more than 10 certifications spanning virtually the entire range of technologies offered by the world's largest Software Vendor.

Red Hat Infrastructure Solutions

Combining the flexibility, granular- ity and robustness of open source with the standardization and support required by the enter-prise, Red Hat's offerings are an integral element of IT Synergy's holistic approach to Information Technology. Our engineers will harden, optimize and fine-tune Red Hat's OS and Application Services to the minutest detail, in our tireless search for that extra millisecond of performance.

The Cloud is the Future

1. Cloud Focused

2. Hybrid Integration

3. Efficiency and Security

The cloud has matured into a comprehensive IT ecosystem that combines elasticity, scalability, resource on demand, accessibility, mobility, high availability, security, geo-redundancy and automation with an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership than traditional on-premise solutions.


Regardless of your organization's business focus, a complete or partial move to the cloud will produce instant and measureable benefits. Your competition is already on its way - don't be left out. Contact us to start planning your strategy or click below to find out more.


Storages & SANs

Information equals data; Regardless of how you access and manipulate it, you first need to store it. Being the backbone of the enterprise, the choice and design of a Storage Area Network is perhaps the most important decision an IT Department will ever make. Partnering with the world's largest Storage Vendors, IT Synergy has the experience and technical expertise to design and implement highly complex solutions to support all technical and business requirements.


Security is a timeless concern that touches every aspect of an IT Infrastructure. From firewalling, anti-virus, content filtering, access control, encryption, data loss prevention, server & application hardening, to vulnerability & penetration testing and comprehensive security policy authoring, IT Synergy has both the technical know-how and the business process aptitude to design and implement the right security solutions for our customers.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Contingency planning equals peace of mind.  IT Synergy has a long track record of successfully designing and deploying highly complex backup & disaster recovery systems and procedures that verifiably guarantee business continuity. Keeping at the forefront of technological developments in enterprise backup, virtualization and the cloud, we are ideally positioned to provide our customers with tailor made solutions that are both comprehensive and cost- effective.

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